[texdoc] help msg

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Feb 23 00:33:24 CET 2010

    OTOH, if you have 'interact_switch = false' in your config file,
    should it try to display (default) on the -I line or just keep the
    "real" default?

I'm not sure.  I can see arguments either way.  Is it feasible to take
account of config files in the help message, though?

    Do you mean --version or actually --verbose?

I meant --version.  Sorry.

    I tried hard to have the --help output fit on a "standard" 24

Not important.  To a first approximation, zero users will be running
texdoc --help on an actual 24-line terminal.  (I miss my z19.)

    By the way, to you think I should still display the deprecated
    options in the list? 

I think it'd be fine to leave them out.

    Ok. I'll probably need to hack again to get the output accepted by
    help2man, but anyway.

Hmm, those changes should only help with help2man.  The format I wrote
is what many GNU programs use, e.g., cp/mv/rm from coreutils, and they
use help2man to make their man pages.


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