[texdoc] TeXdoc : could it do more ?

Philip TAYLOR (ret'd) Chaa006 at Gmail.Com
Tue Mar 17 18:53:18 CET 2009

P.S. There are typographic errors in the final
para of the output of "TeXdoc etex" (the word
"Web" is missing at least twice), and the
attribution is slightly disingenuous :

e-TeX was developed by Peter Breitenlohner and
the NTS team (no parenthesis); Peter later
continued its development outside of the team.

** Phil.
e-TEX was developed by Peter Breitenlohner (and the NTS team).
TEX was designed by Donald E. Knuth, who implemented it using his system for Pascal programs.
It was ported to Unix at Stanford by Howard Trickey, and at Cornell by Pavel Curtis. The
version now offered with the Unix TEX distribution is that generated by the to C system (web2c),
originally written by Tomas Rokicki and Tim Morgan.
The encTEX extensions were written by Petr Olsak.
pdftex 1.40 7January 2007 4

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