[tex4ht] Can one use tex4ht log file to check if more runs are needed?

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Sun Dec 3 22:12:51 CET 2023

Currently, when I compile using lualatex, the script checks
at the end of each compilation if some specific messages
are in the log file, which tells it to call lualatex one more
time. Over the years I collected these messages

    Rerun to get outlines right
    Rerun to get it removed
    Temporary extra page added at the end
    may have changed
    Rerun to get cross-references right
    shipout/lastpage|Table widths have changed

(I can't just check for "Rerun" because that can give false
positive, since package rerunfilecheck generate log message
with the word "Rerun" in it. I do not even load this package,
but is loaded by other packages).

For tex4ht, I use Michal's lua script that he kindly
wrote for me long time ago which does some magic and
checksums to decide if more runs are needed with
maximum number of 6 runs.

But always not sure if it is running more times than
needed or not.

My question here is this: Could I use similar method
for tex4ht and just check the tex4ht log file for messages?

This is easier for me to do, since I can use the same
"grep -E" command.

If so, will searching for same messages above work for tex4ht?

Or does it generate other messages not listed above
which indicates more calls to make4ht is needed?

I know by default make4ht will run 3-times, but I can
change it to run one time only each time it is called, and
this way I can call it from the script as many times as
needed based on if I find it needs to run again.


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