[tex4ht] A suspected typo in cmcbx.htf

Arkady Benediktov arkbene.ph at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 10:46:07 CET 2023

Dear Etan,

I’ve just realized that the very same problem exists also with the cmcbxti.htf. All in all, the following files used to have this problem:


Now, only the first one of these seems to have the problem fixed in the latest release, while others still have it.

Best regards,
— A.

> On 18 Feb 2021, at 05:45, Arkady Benediktov <Arkbene.ph at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Eitan,
> Thanks for the great tool!
> Just a small suspected typo report: it appears that in the cmcbx.htf the Unicode fo the glyph \x19 should be U+2116 (Numero sign), not U+2216 (Set minus). I am attaching the output of pdftex testfont for your convenience.
> Best regards,
> – A.
> <testfont.pdf>

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