[tex4ht] Problem using mjcli on Cygwin

Francis Wright f.j.wright at live.co.uk
Wed Mar 31 12:47:59 CEST 2021

Dear Michal,

Thanks for the explanation. I understand the problem now and how to fix it. I was looking at recent documentation but it turns out that my version of make4ht is a bit older than I thought.

Best wishes, Francis

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Hello Francis,

>[WARNING] mkutils: Cannot load extension: mjcli
>Without the mjcli extension, this command runs fine. I don't understand 
>why mjcli seems to run directly from the shell but not via make4ht.
>Could it be a path issue? Cygwin bash presumably passes a Cygwin-style 
>path to make4ht, but since I'm using native Windows node.js it might 
>expect a Windows-style path. But if so, why does it run directly from 
>Cygwin bash? I would be grateful for any suggestions how to fix or 
>debug this.

The warning message says that it cannot find the mjcli extension, which 
is bundled with make4ht. The extension then executes the mjcli command.  
So it is possible that the mjcli command is installed correctly, but you 
have an older version of make4ht installed on your system. Can you find 
any mention of mjcli in the PDF file that is opened when you execute 
`texdoc make4ht`? 

I've updated make4ht on CTAN just few days before final freeze of TeX 
Live 2020, so it should be possible to update to the latest version 
using `tlmgr update --all`.

Best regards,

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