[tex4ht] Multitude of problems when trying to convert from .tex to .html.

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 12:18:42 CET 2021

Hello phseiff,

>I just checked, and apparently, I still used texlive2017. It also looks 
>like all texlive-related packages are at version 2017.something in the 
>Ubuntu package repositories. I re-installed it now from another 
>repository, and now I have the 2019 version (the same goes for tex4ht). 
>I also noticed I had make4ht version v0.2e, so I downloaded v0.3f from 
>the GitHub repository and installed it using `make` and `make install` 
>(I hope that was correct). I can't run the new installation without 
>sudo yet, though, since it seems I accidentally installed it as a super 
>user; I will fix this tomorrow.

Ah, it is quite old distro. We added lot of features since then. See the 
full changelog: https://tug.org/tex4ht/changelog.html

>Thanks again for looking into this and giving me this detailed 
>explanation on how to solve the problem and why it arises; it's very 
>much appreciated and helped me out a lot! :)

I am glad I could help. I should add some stuff from my answer to the 
documentation, because issues with \title are quite common.

Best regards,

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