[tex4ht] Percent sign in caption

Lorenzo Di Gregorio lorenzo.digregorio at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 19:01:52 CET 2021


I have a figure with a caption containing "\%", like in "this is 3\% of
that". This breaks tex4ht (I run make4ht) because in filename.4tc the
percent is not escaped anymore, so I find the line

\doTocEntry\toclof{}{\csname a:TocLink\endcsname{1}{x1-28012}{}{\numberline
{2.6}{\ignorespaces this is 3% of that.\relax }}}{30}\relax

and the %-sign is interpreted as a comment, so the command gets broken.

Is this behaviour known to you and is there a way to fix it?

I'm running MiKTeX 2.9 up to date, so right now the latest updates are
make4ht 3/10/2020 and tex4ht 15/2/2021.

Best Regards,
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