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Tomas Davidek Tomas.Davidek at cern.ch
Sun Jan 31 10:22:58 CET 2021

Dear all,

    I am trying to make use of index. While the procedure seems to be 
rather straightforward (I created *.mk4 according to 
the index only works well with latin-1 character encoding. When using 
utf-8, I only got strange characters in the output.

With the debug mode I found the sequence that is called by make4ht:

htlatex muj_index.tex; tex '\def\filename{{muj_index}{idx}{4dx}{ind}} 
\input  idxmake.4ht'; makeindex -o muj_index.ind muj_index.4dx; htlatex 
muj_index.tex ; .....

I found that the first-created index file (muj_index.idx) is still ok 
(coded in utf-8), but the others (*.4dx, *.ind) are already corrupted. 
So, I translated the idx-file to TeX sequence with (cstocs utf8 tex 
....) and ran the remaining machinery of make4ht. This approach gave me 
correct character encoding in the Index in the HTML, but the sorting is 
bad.... Maybe I could sort the ind file manually in the end, I did not 
try yet....

So, can someone advice me an appropriate approach of using index with 
tex4ht, please? A small example is attached.

Thanks a lot for any hint.



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