[tex4ht] tex4ht options, figure placement and exerquiz

Tomas Davidek Tomas.Davidek at cern.ch
Sun Jan 10 21:13:15 CET 2021

Thanks Michal.

Now may I have few more questions on various tex4ht-related issues?

1. I wanted to experiment with various tex4ht options. I only found 
those listed in http://cvr.cc/?p=504. This list seems pretty old, can 
you point me to more up-to-date list of options, ideally more 
descriptive? For instance, I am looking for an option splitting the 
document into individual pages according to sections, so I tried e.g. 
make4ht -c split.cfg -u filename.tex "1", but no change wrt the default 

2. a detail regarding the figure placement. The LaTeX code

   \caption{The figure caption....}

normally results in two plots side-by-side, but in HTML the pictures are 
organized one on top of the other. Is there a way to restore the 
original behaviour?

3. The environment exerquiz is correctly translated into HTML, with only 
one problem. The environment features an optional parameter [h] or [H], 
which controls whether the solution is printed or not. There are two 
issues -

a) the optional argument is not taken into account

b) the argument is printed in the HTML page

At this stage, I don't worry too much about a), but worry a bit about 
b). Well, of course I can strip this argument from the original LaTeX 
file by a parser, I am just wondering whether this can be easily 
achieved at the level of exerquiz.4ht ?

Best regards,


On 1/9/21 1:31 PM, Michal Hoftich wrote:
> Hi Tomáš,
>> Ok, thanks, so let's try to solve each problem separately. Please 
>> find attach a simple example of split environment. The tex-file is 
>> ok, but make4  -a debug split_ex.tex gives the error message
>> Can you please have a look? Any hint is appreciated.
> I've added fix for this issue to TeX4ht sources. Thanks for the report.
> Best regards,
> Michal

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