[tex4ht] [bug #489] problem with hyperref in tex4ht after TL Oct. update

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 10:37:17 CET 2020

Hi Nasser,

> if it is of any help for you, if you like at the HTML page,
> the link to the above HTML is now here
> https://www.12000.org/my_notes/faq/MAPLE/maple.htm

This error means that the generated HTML is not well-formed XML. For
example, there may be spurious <p> tags, etc. In your case, I can see
these errors:

</p><!--l. 1830--><p class="noindent" > <p><IMG SRC="movies/movie.gif"
ALT="some text" WIDTH=750></p>
</p><!--l. 1834--><p class="noindent" >Another version

You should remove additional <p> tags around your <IMG> tag. I assume
that you add this from your cfg file, because it doesn't look like
TeX4ht output. It should be rather:

<IMG SRC="movies/movie.gif" ALT="some text" WIDTH="750" />

TeX4ht handles paragraphs, so don't add them by hand.

There is also a really weird link:

http://mooedit.sourceforge.net/ >

How did you get this spurious http://mooedit.sourceforge.net/ here?

HTML validator reports much more errors regarding <style> and <script>
elements, but these don't matter to DOM filters.

Best regards,

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