[tex4ht] tex4ht-misc -> tex4ht-4ht

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 15:15:56 CEST 2016

Hi Karl,

> Hi Michal - can you please merge the lettrine.4ht support into
> tex4ht-4ht.tex, and then remove tex4ht-misc.tex?

Sure, I've merged it to tex4ht-4ht.tex.
> As I recall, I asked you to make it in a separate file just to start
> making things not so huge, but it turns out there is a problem:
> tex4ht-4ht.tex (and now tex4ht-misc.tex) both write a file mktex4ht.cnf
> (I'd never heard of it before), and that file is what ends up
> determining which packages tex4ht thinks it can handle.
> E.g., ooffice.4ht starts with:
>   \exit:ifnot{Preamble,%
> algorithmicx,%
> alphanum,%
> ..
> lots more
> ..
> xcolor}
> if mktex4ht.cnf was last created by tex4ht-4ht.tex, but has merely:
>   \exit:ifnot{Preamble,%
> tex4ht}
> when it was last created by tex4ht-misc.tex.  This is what was causing
> the seemingly-random discrepancy in the .4ht file.  It has happened with
> other files too.

As I understand it, configured packages are saved to mktex4ht.cnf
using \AddFile command, it is then transformed to mktex4ht.4ht.
mktex4ht.4ht is loaded from format files (tex4ht-html4.4ht etc.) and
tags are inserted for configured packages. So if mktex4ht.4ht contains
only lettrine, only lettrine would be configured for HTML or ODT

It seems that it is be best to keep all package configurations in

> Thanks,
> Karl
> P.S. I'd look into doing the merge, but I'm going to be offline the next
> couple of days.  Back this weekend ...

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