[tex4ht] [bug #242] Spurious semicolon produced by \textregistered command

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jan 22 19:09:41 CET 2015

Hi Michal,

    don't you mean CTAN version? 

No, I meant what I said, though I wasn't clear.  See following:

    I though TL got updates.

Yes, I have been installing updated *.4ht files in TL as we make fixes
(ever since Eitan).

However, in the particular case of html4.4ht, there are significant
differences between what is in TL and what is generated from our current
source (you can do the diff as well as I can, but attached anyway).
It seems a whole chunk of code is missing.

I'm not sure at what point the differences started happening, but I kind
of suspect with TL14 or maybe TL13.  I did do a few previous updates to
html4.4ht over the past few years, so I suspect they were ok until then.

    I think it should be safe to update CTAN as well, 

tex4ht has never been on CTAN.  Eitan never uploaded it there or made it
feasible for them to mirror.  Maybe one day.
    so Miktex can be updated as well.

Christian (Schenk, aka MiKTeX) can get the updated *.4ht files from TL.
Whether he actually does for tex4ht, I don't know, but I have the
impression that he does get at least some stuff from TL.

I'll answer separately about latin2.


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