[tex4ht] [bug #242] Spurious semicolon produced by \textregistered command

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 21:58:18 CET 2015

> thanks as always, michal. i installed the changes and also updated TeX Live.

thanks, Karl

> doing this reminded me of an issue i discovered long ago and forgot to get
> back to: the generated files from our current tex4ht-html4.tex differ
> significantly from what's being distributed in TL (i.e., Eitan's last
> version).  If you uncomment it in the Makefile, run it, and diff it, you will
> see.  maybe you could look into that so we could get back in sync?  (I'm
> heading out the door and will be offline for a couple days, or I'd look at
> now; I hope it isn't anything deep.)

don't you mean CTAN version? I though TL got updates. I think it
should be safe to update CTAN as well, so Miktex can be updated as

one question regarding tex4ht-html4.tex, this file does contain some
latin2 encoded characters, in particular it is configuration for
url-encoder. if I understand it correctly, this should declare
characters which should be replaced with entites in \url commands.
this declaration is used only when `url-il2-pl` command line option is
used. not all special characters are declared. now, the problem is
with lualatex, as it is unicode engine, it reports invalid utf-8
sequence even if it doesn't use url-encoders at all.

as it is unlikely that anybody uses still latin2 encoding and special
characters in urls at the same time, and given that list of these
escaped special characters isn't comprehensive anyway, maybe we should
take that away? because it causes compile errors every time tex4ht is
used with lualatex.

> Thanks,
> K

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