[tex4ht] Wrong fontsize in footnotes with diacritics [oolatex]

Nicolai Rostov nicolai.rostov at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 00:10:39 CET 2013

(patch attached)


I'd like to submit a bug report. When a LaTeX document containing 2
footnotes in which footnote #1 is plain ASCII, but footnote #2 has
diacritics or other extended characters, is converted to OpenDocument
Text, the number appended to footnote #1 on the bottom of the page is
smaller than the number in footnote #2.

For example:

---BEGIN mydoc.tex---
First sentence.\footnote{First footnote.}
Second sentence.\footnote{S{\' e}cond footnote.}

$ mk4ht oolatex mydoc.tex

Please find attached a patch based on michal.h21's workaround at

Thank you,

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