[tex4ht] Again biblatex

Christofer Christofer.Zwanzig at gmx.de
Fri Sep 23 12:38:57 CEST 2011

Karl Berry <karl at ...> writes:
> I updated it with CVR's latest version.  I forgot there was an instance
> in the tex4ht repository.  (I updated TeX Live yesterday.)  Hope that
> solves it.
> If problems persist, please send a) a complete example that can be
> compiled, and b) the exact command(s) you used to compile it.
> Thanks,
> Karl

In my case the problem persits and it seems to be caused by the combination of
the \footnote and the \cite command as the error doesn't occur without \footnote.


latex test
bibtex test
latex test
mk4ht oolatex 

in TexLive 2011 on Windows produces

!LaTeX Error: Missing \begin{document} in`´.

See the LaTeX manual ...

l.14\abx at aux@fnpage{1}{1}

I´am using the latest version of biblatex (1.6 2011/07/29) and of biblatex.4ht

-- Minimalexample test.tex--

-- bib-file test.bib--
  keywords	  = {primary},
  hyphenation	  = {british},
  author	  = {Aristotle},
  options = {oldauthor},
  editor	  = {Hicks, Robert Drew},
  title		  = {De Anima},
  location	  = {Cambridge},
  date		  = {1907},



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