[tex4ht] validity of tex4ht HTML-code output

Johannes Wilm mail at johanneswilm.org
Thu Jul 28 09:19:57 CEST 2011


thanks for all your input during the last few days. With a monster of a
python-script, I do now successfully convert the entire thing to an
HTML-file, which I also have managed to turn into a readable EPUB-file that
I an read on my Onyx Boox.

That is pretty cool!

What I wonder though is what the state of the HTML that is being output
really is. It seems to me specifically that:

a. almost none of the <p>-tags are closed (the only ones that are are those
that are connected to SVGs), and
b. an element that is used a lot are "tspans" which the W3C validation
claims to not have heard about.

Should this be of any concern?

Johannes Wilm
tel: +1 (520) 399 8880
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