[tex4ht] [Pgfplots-features] pgfplots creation of two SVGs, inclusion of wrong one in html

Christian Feuersänger cfeuersaenger at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 27 11:32:44 CEST 2011

Hi Johannes,

I fear that this is - again - an indicator that the tex4ht driver of pgf
does not support the full power of pgf. Especially the pgf code generated by
pgfplots appears to be a problem.

Alas, I although I have interest in fixing this issue, I do not have
resources left on my own. And, judging from experience, Till Tantau might
not have more.

Judging from the hard work which was required to get your figures correctly
to SVG, I think we should assume that a reliable use of pgfplots in
conjunction with tex4ht output is currently hindered by a bunch of issues. I
would flag it as "experimental". If I had time, I would invite you to
Rheinbach to improve things - my knowledge of pgfplots, tikz, and pgf
combined with your SVG experience might be something. But my resources are
already fully consumed by the ongoing "core" development of pgfplots. Thus,
I would advise you to stick to other tools if you need reliable SVG output.

Best regards


My computer is broken currently, so I cannot look into the pgfplots git
history. But I believe that I had a very similar issue in the past -
something with two figures. And I believe I found some sort of fix for it...
or at least a work-around. Once my system is more stable, I might be able to
look into it.

2011/7/27 Johannes Wilm <mail at johanneswilm.org>

> Hi again,
> sorry for cross-posting. I am not quite sure whether this falls into the
> expertise of one or the other group.
> The attached is a test case of a document which includes a graph I've
> created with pgfplots and then converted to html using tex4ht. I fixed the
> SVG-output with the script I recently mailed around.
> The problem is this: There is only one graph. Yet for some reason 2 SVG
> files are created. The second SVG-file seems to just be empty, whereas the
> first one includes the graph. For some reason the HTML-code that is being
> output only includes the second, empty, SVG-file.
> This is what I ran:
> *dvilualatex test.tex
> dvilualatex test.tex*
> *dvilualatex test.tex*
> *tex4ht -f/test.tex*
> *t4ht -f/test.tex*
> *fix_svg_legend.py test-1.svg*
> *fix_svg_legend.py test-2.svg*
> Obviously I could make a script that simply exchanges all occurrences of
> "test-2" with "test-1" and so on. But strangely, when the legend is in a
> separate svg, the legend works fine, so the numbering wouldn't work out that
> way.
> I believe this is my very last issue with the whole setup. So if it cannot
> be resolved, I'll spend another day on a quick fix rather than trying to
> switch tools as some have recommended I do.
> Sincerely,
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> Johannes Wilm
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