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On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 1:46 AM, Ulrike Fischer <news3 at nililand.de> wrote:
> html4.4ht contains non-ascii-chars and is 8bit-encoded. So luatex
> doesn't like it (luatex expect utf8). You can try to save an
> utf8-encoded html4.4ht version in a local tree in \tex\luatex\tex4ht
> (or \tex\lualatex\tex4ht). Then luatex should pick up the
> utf8-version and normal tex the other.
Yes, I did that lat night and it did work.

Similarly when I switched to the biblatex package (from biblatex-chicago)
that error message disappeared.

> Btw: It would be useful if you always add a small example for test.
> >> we have been using lualatex for a few months now. . I wondered if anyone
> >> had experimented with running tex4ht with dvilualatex?
> I tried a bit but didn't reach something conclusive yet (and I don't
> have currently the time to do more). The main problem imho will be
> with fonts: As long as you use the "normal" tex-fonts with tfm + 256
> characters everything is fine. As soon as you use fontspec + system
> fonts you will run into problem as the dvi will contain reference to
> non-existing tfm's and -- more importantly -- to char numbers way
> above 256.

I did remove everything font-related. I only need various European

In the end both of th original error messages had gone away. They were
replaced by new error messages, that apparently are the same on xelatex.
This was one of them and the other ones looked very similar:


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