[tex4ht] Documentation of installing tex4ht

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 3 00:18:05 CET 2011

Hi Martin,

I understand and share your frustration.

    So i really want to motivate you to create something like a 
    "install-and/or-uprgade tutorial".

We would like to, very much.  Motivation isn't the problem.
Comprehension is the (first) problem.  Eitan's package is one of the
most complex things I've ever dealt with.  Making it install in any
"normal" way is a huge task.  Just making a release following Eitan's
rather non-easily-installable package is a huge task.  CVR and I are
still trying.

    Why does the Miktex-package manager not install this package correctly?

Here I can only suggest using the miktex forums or mailing lists.
Neither CVR nor I use miktex and can't advise anything about it.

All I can really say is that I did send the couple of updates related to
biblatex to Christian (Schenk); whether he's incorporated them in
miktex, I cannot say.

On the other hand, I was (am) the one who updated tex4ht in TeX Live
each year (always with Eitan's assistance).  What is in TL 2010 should
be usable, and the current updates have the biblatex stuff.

The one thing I need to warn you about is that due to my
confusion/stupidity, after you finish the installation and all the
updates, oolatex (and xhlatex) will be *missing* from the TL binary
directory.  !  However, using the .exe's from TL 2009 should work ok.
I can send you those if you get that far.

Good luck,

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