[tex4ht] Documentation of installing tex4ht

Martin Decker martin.m.decker at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 3 04:01:50 CET 2011

Hi Karl,

Thank you for your long answer - i did not expect to get two answers 
(one came from Kristian) within 6 hours, thats really motivating me to 
go foreward in this problem.

> On the other hand, I was (am) the one who updated tex4ht in TeX Live
> each year (always with Eitan's assistance).  What is in TL 2010 should
> be usable, and the current updates have the biblatex stuff.

I`ve installed TL 2010 full-scheme yesterday, it took me some hours and 
in the first try i got an error after 5/6
of the installation, pearl broke down. I started the install.bat again 
and the installation finished so i hope thats no problem. I can TeXify 
all my old files, so i think it is.

Also htlatex (with the optional parameters for word) gives me - together 
with biblatex - a correct html, thats great!

> The one thing I need to warn you about is that due to my
> confusion/stupidity, after you finish the installation and all the
> updates, oolatex (and xhlatex) will be *missing* from the TL binary
> directory.  !

That was the next thing i realised, trying to use oolatex filename right 
after getting a good html...
But then instead of oolatex i used

htlatex filename "xhtml,ooffice" "ooffice/! -cmozhtf" "-coo -cvalidate"

which i understood as being the same?

This works so far, i alway get an .odt file. Now, in some cases the .odt 
cannot be opened by OO, it seems to be a biblatex problem again because 
i can produce a readable .odt for "Hello World" (using scratcl) and also 
for a protocol of a laboratory, here i used thebibliography. At last i 
took a file where bibtex was used and i could still open the .odt. Only 
the file where i used biblatex could not be opened.

> However, using the .exe's from TL 2009 should work ok. (oolatex, xhlatex)
> I can send you those if you get that far.

That would be great! Thank you another time for the help!

Best Regards

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