[tex4ht] Documentation of installing tex4ht

Martin Decker martin.m.decker at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 2 20:20:10 CET 2011

Hello Kristian,

At first, thank you for your answer - i was nearly blowing up today 
because normaly i get my TeX-problems
solved by recherching a little bit in the internet. Good to know how to 
show the root directories in Miktex!

I`m now giving a try to TexLive2010 - the full-scheme version - and i 
hope this will work since somebody
wrote in forum that with his TeXLive2010 version he was able to use 
oolatex without big configuration.

It also seemed to me that this is more used than miktex by people wich 
also use tex4ht features.

What do you use?

Have a nice evening,


Am 02.03.2011 20:01, schrieb Kristian Debrabant:
> Hello Martin,
>> If i just put the .tex and .bib file in a directory and let htlatex 
>> run, i get a html, but if i rund bibtex before and
>> have a .bbl, htlatex stops always.
> If you are able to obtain a valid html as long as the .tex-file does 
> not use biblatex, this is already a good starting point.
>> - i cant find any texfm - directory on my whole computer
> You find the miktex roots in the MikTex Options tool (you have to put 
> a checkmark on "Show MikTeX-maintained root directories"). The 
> directory where you find the *.4ht-files (of which you have to update 
> biblatex.4ht) is a subdirectory of one of these, typically in 
> ...\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\generic\tex4ht.
>> - If i de-install the tex4ht + miktex - bin - tex4ht packages, i can 
>> run htlatex anyway
> If you are really able to produce html with this package deinstalled, 
> it might be that you are then using the htlatex-version of a previous 
> miktex-installation which might still be in your search path.
>> Why does the Miktex-package manager not install this package correctly?
> This is indeed a pity.
> Best regards
> Kristian

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