[tex4ht] Documentation of installing tex4ht

Kristian Debrabant debrabant at math.uni-mannheim.de
Wed Mar 2 20:01:49 CET 2011

Hello Martin,

> If i just put the .tex and .bib file in a directory and let htlatex run, i 
> get a html, but if i rund bibtex before and
> have a .bbl, htlatex stops always.

If you are able to obtain a valid html as long as the .tex-file does not 
use biblatex, this is already a good starting point.

> - i cant find any texfm - directory on my whole computer

You find the miktex roots in the MikTex Options tool (you have to put a 
checkmark on "Show MikTeX-maintained root directories"). The directory 
where you find the *.4ht-files (of which you have to update 
biblatex.4ht) is a subdirectory of one of these, typically in ...\MiKTeX 

> - If i de-install the tex4ht + miktex - bin - tex4ht packages, i can run 
> htlatex anyway

If you are really able to produce html with this package deinstalled, it 
might be that you are then using the htlatex-version of a previous 
miktex-installation which might still be in your search path.

> Why does the Miktex-package manager not install this package correctly?

This is indeed a pity.

Best regards


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