[tex4ht] custom names of the generated HTML files

Jaroslav Sobota jsobota at kky.zcu.cz
Mon Feb 21 00:46:58 CET 2011

Thanks for the reply, the approach you suggested works fine, but it 
would be a tedious task to apply it in my project (about 150 sections 
and subsections).
Luckily, when I was reading your blog about tex4ht, I ran across the 
command \NextFile{myname.html}, which does the trick, I can define my 
own filename and all links work just fine, which solves my problem.

Thanks again, kind regards,

Dne 20.2.2011 6:06, CV Radhakrishnan napsal(a):
> On 18/02/11 2:04 PM, Jaroslav Sobota wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> is there a way to customize the names of the generated HTML files
>> generated by tex4ht?
>> I can generate the files signal.html, signalch1.html and
>> signalch2.html from the attached .tex file using the command
>> htlatex signal "xhtml,2"
>> but I would like to obtain something like signal.html, analog.html
>> and digital.html. Is this possible? Renaming and editing by hand is
>> not an option.
> You might make use of \FileStream command as provided below:
> %-----------------
> \documentclass[a4paper,11pt]{book}
> \begin{document}
> \tableofcontents
> \FileStream{analog.html}
> \Link[signal.html]{}{}{[prev]}\EndLink
> \Link[digital.html]{}{}{[next]}\EndLink
> \chapter{Analog signal processing}
> Turpis interdum eu non Cum Morbi ut ipsum Aenean Vestibulum nec.
> Curabitur condimentum fringilla nibh Curabitur et hendrerit
> parturient dis quis enim.
> ...
> \FileStream{digital.html}
> \Link[analog.html]{}{}{[prev]}\EndLink
> \Link[signal.html]{}{}{[up]}\EndLink
> \chapter{Digital signal processing}
> Facilisis et tortor Quisque lorem eros pretium accumsan morbi Nunc
> Sed. Orci mauris risus vitae ut Suspendisse id tellus justo amet ac.
> Tellus vel sodales vestibulum semper arcu orci tincidunt tincidunt
> consequat dolor.
> ...
> %------------------------
> But, I guess, you need to configure various cross links yourself as
> given above which is a horrendous task.

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