[tex4ht] custom names of the generated HTML files

CV Radhakrishnan cvr at river-valley.org
Sun Feb 20 06:06:52 CET 2011

On 18/02/11 2:04 PM, Jaroslav Sobota wrote:
> Hi all,

> is there a way to customize the names of the generated HTML files 
> generated by tex4ht?
> I can generate the files signal.html, signalch1.html and 
> signalch2.html from the attached .tex file using the command
> htlatex signal "xhtml,2"
> but I would like to obtain something like signal.html, analog.html
> and digital.html. Is this possible? Renaming and editing by hand is
> not an option.

You might make use of \FileStream command as provided below:





\chapter{Analog signal processing}
Turpis interdum eu non Cum Morbi ut ipsum Aenean Vestibulum nec.
Curabitur condimentum fringilla nibh Curabitur et hendrerit
parturient dis quis enim.



\chapter{Digital signal processing}
Facilisis et tortor Quisque lorem eros pretium accumsan morbi Nunc
Sed. Orci mauris risus vitae ut Suspendisse id tellus justo amet ac.
Tellus vel sodales vestibulum semper arcu orci tincidunt tincidunt
consequat dolor.


But, I guess, you need to configure various cross links yourself as
given above which is a horrendous task.


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