[tex4ht] \bigl. and \bigr. sometimes cause problems.

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Sat Sep 11 04:09:54 CEST 2010

On 10-Sep-2010, at 8:34 PM, Beuthe, Thomas wrote:

> Here's something I wanted to note. (Note: All tests were performed only on Windows systems)
> When using htlatex, TeX4ht will do its best to use as much html to render the math
> to try and avoid the use of picmath.  Using \left. or \right. in $ $ math works fine,
> but \bigl. and \bigr. cause a very subtle error (I didn't try any of the other \big... series,
> but I assume it's probably the same for these).
> For example, try entering:
> $\bigl. K_J^{2\phi} \bigr|_{2\phi}$

You are still wanting to be in the stone age technology.  Please throw away the raster images of math and switch on to MathML. TeX4ht does an excellent job of converting LaTeX into MathML+XHTML which is what is needed to see your math documents on the web. As a proof of concept, I have put in an experimental chapter of my Professor's book, Cross Connections (which I am translating for him into MathML with TeX4ht) which is available at:


You need FireFox to view the documents. STIX fonts might be necessary to view MathML perfectly in FireFox.  I have created the documents without any tweaking in the source files and with a simple TeX4ht configuration of, say, less than 100 lines.

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