[tex4ht] \bigl. and \bigr. sometimes cause problems.

Beuthe, Thomas beuthet at aecl.ca
Fri Sep 10 17:04:15 CEST 2010


Here's something I wanted to note. (Note: All tests were performed only on Windows systems)

When using htlatex, TeX4ht will do its best to use as much html to render the math
to try and avoid the use of picmath.  Using \left. or \right. in $ $ math works fine,
but \bigl. and \bigr. cause a very subtle error (I didn't try any of the other \big... series,
but I assume it's probably the same for these).

For example, try entering:

$\bigl. K_J^{2\phi} \bigr|_{2\phi}$

and see what happens.  The \bigl. creates an entry for a non-existent .png inclusion
in the resulting html.  The actual .png file doesn't get created by the picture file
generation process however.  The script just skips this file.
So instead of generating test1.png, test2.png, test3.png, it generates only
test1.png, test3.png, and skips test2.png, but a hook to the (non-generated) test2.png is
included into the resulting html at the location for \bigl.

This can get very confusing.  If for example, you had other runs previously in the same directory,
the sequence numbering of the testx.png files has changed, there may be an old test2.png that used
to be used to represent something else, completely unrelated to the present run.
Since this file never got generated in this run, the script doesn't erase the olf
test2.png file.  As a result the old test2.png file get included at the spot where
the \bigl. is located and the resulting document will look very strange indeed.



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