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D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 01:50:15 CEST 2010

Karl Berry said the following at 07/30/2010 04:44 PM :
>     I started with "ht pdftex bk7.tex":
> Try etex instead of pdftex.  (Disclaimer: I have not actually done it.)

from the etex man page:
  Starting with version 1.40, pdfTeX incorporates the e-TeX extensions, so
in this installation eTeX is just a symbolic link to pdfTeX.

Just to be absolutely certain, I tried etex instead of pdftex, but (darn
it!) the man page is right :-)

> If your file is really plain tex and doesn't use etex features, try
> httex bk7.tex.

It uses pdftex features. "ht pdftex bk7.tex" complains when it hits the
command \pdfadjustspacing=2. There are several \pdf<something> commands in
the file.

I expect that the pdftex features I use would logically be useless in an
HTML file, so I could go through the file and take out the \pdf<something>
commands. Maybe I need to keep two versions of the file: one for real
(pdf)TeX compilation and one for use in generating an HTML version (which
is subsequently going to be converted to EPUB; I don't really want the HTML
at all, but it seems to be a necessary step). The only real problem with
that would be that at some point I'd be bound to make a mistake and forget
to synchronize them.

> Failing that, please post the actual file.

I can strip it down to its basics and do that if you still think it would
be useful. I'm happy to do it. But perhaps there's enough info additional
in what I've already said to render that exercise moot?


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