Running `context` fails with TeX Live 2023: mtxrun | unknown script 'mtx-context.lua' or 'mtx-mtx-context.lua'

Karl Berry karl at
Mon Mar 27 23:29:45 CEST 2023

Hi Vit,

    resolvers       | resolving | warning: no lua configuration files found
    resolvers       | resolving | no texmf paths are defined (using TEXMF)

This would seem to be the problem. Do you have a texmfcnf.lua file?
There should be the distributed one in texmf-dist/web2c/texmfcnf.lua 
and also generated by the installer in (by default)
Both are alongside a texmf.cnf file.

Can you run the luametatex binary (luametatex --version) on its own?

Other than that, maybe you have some envvar set? I do not know how
luametatex looks up files or how to debug it. It doesn't use kpathsea
and I don't know what "(using TEXMF)" really means.  Maybe Hans or Mojca
or Siep or some other lmtx-savvy person can provide some clues.

For additional information, you could try running context --generate
--luatex, which generates the cache for the luatex-based context mkiv
(as I understand it). (install-tl also runs this.) Maybe that will
succeed or fail in a different way, providing more information. --best, karl.

P.S. mtxrun --generate does work for me, and others. So it's not just a
global failure.

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