No context in TL2023 source ?

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at
Fri Mar 24 15:06:20 CET 2023

On Mon, 20 Mar 2023 at 23:17, Karl Berry wrote:
> No. At present, almost all the luametatex binaries are built by Mojca's
> build farm.
> I believe the only exception is universal-darwin, which the
> indefatigable Dick Koch builds (and signs).

Nearly all the binaries were compiled on the ConTeXt build farm:

Notable exceptions include:
- universal-darwin compiled, signed, annotated by Dick
- amd64-netbsd compiled by Marc (we will try to get that one working
on the build farm in the future)
- x86_64-linux was built manually on CentOS 7 (because Debian 9 was
apparently too new; we could automate this in the future)
- (i386-linux was supposed to be built somewhere else; I created a VM
with CentOS 7, only to figure out that the same build tools that are
available on 64-bit version are missing there; I ran out of time to do
it in time for the freeze)

Missing platforms:
- i386-netbsd: compilation failed and there was no time to fix it in
time before TL freeze
- cygwin: Ken just managed to compile it after applying some (pretty
simple) patches

>     I'd also be interested in hearing from distro maintainers how they're
>     planning to handle this.
> Me too :). Probably tldistro at is the best place for that
> discussion.  There are distro maintainers not on this list.

I'm co-guilty, so I'm willing to try to support the packagers to do
the right thing (and hopefully improve the overal situation by TL
"Autofoo gurus" willing to help with proper incorporation of the
sources would be greatly appreciated ;)
I started looking into proper integration, but I didn't take enough
time (yet) to finish the work.


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