[texcollection] Call for testing: TeX Collection 2023

Manfred Lotz manfred at dante.de
Wed Mar 22 09:24:45 CET 2023

Hi all,
Please note that I have re-uploaded the TeX Collection 2023 ISO due to a small
change in MacTeX documentation.

Here the section from the README


## Upload from March 22 2023

The new upload contains a small addon in MacTeX documentation in
file `MacTeX-Install/MacTeX Install Parts 1 and 2.rtf` where it is said

> ...if you are running macOS 10.13, Ventura, or later. In that case,
> open Apple's System Settings on your Macintosh and select the
> "Privacy & Security" module. A list of items will appear to the right;
> select "Full Disk Access". Turn this feature on for Terminal."

So, a re-download isn't required but those installing MacTeX on Ventura
should do as instructed above.


On 3/20/23 21:36, Manfred Lotz wrote:
> Hi all,
> The TeX Collection image for 2023 is available for testing from
>      https://tug.org/~manfred
> Specifically
>   https://tug.org/~manfred/texcol2023.iso
> Checksums are available as:
>   https://tug.org/~manfred/texcol2023.iso.md5
> or
>   https://tug.org/~manfred/texcol2023.iso.sha512
> The same procedure as every year
> --------------------------------
> As every year I just make assumptions what could be possibly
> tested by you. Feel free to do whatever you can do and want to do.
> Uwe Ziegenhagen:  texlive on Linux,
> Windows; miktex on Windows; antivirus check
> Martin Sievers: texlive on Ubuntu; miktex on Windows 10
> Thomas Feuerstack: miktex on Windows
> Klaus Höppner: miktex on Windows
> Herbert Voß: miktex on Windows, texlive on Linux
> Siep Kroonenberg: miktex and texlive on Windows
> Dick Koch: mactex
> Please report your test results by including operating system and
> version, e.g. Ubuntu 22.04.
> Others not mentioned above but reading this mail are invited to test as
> well, of course.
> Thanks a lot to all of you for your help.
> --
> Cheers, Manfred

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