No context in TL2023 source ?

Max Chernoff mseven at
Mon Mar 20 23:57:28 CET 2023

Hi Ken,

> No releases, no tags - so whatever I pull will be a random snapshot.

Anything in the "main" branch:
you can consider to be a "tagged" release. Look at the commit titles to
get the version.

The "work" branch:
would be, as you say, just a random snapshot. The only time that I've
ever needed to use this is if I'm testing a patch that Hans made to
solve I bug that I reported.

You can also use the source for the "ConTeXt LMTX Distribution" (aka the
"official" ConTeXt distribution):
This should generally be fairly similar to the "tagged" releases above,
although it sometimes has a few new patches. Anything in here was deemed
stable enough to send out to all of the ConTeXt LMTX users.

Hope this helps,
-- Max

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