many thanks and a request

Luciano Ribichini luciano.ribichini at
Mon Mar 6 07:43:24 CET 2023

Hallo Karl, hallo tex-live,

1) Thanks a lot for your answer.

2) ok for the hint (which I didn't know):

     I will give it a look and I will give it a try.


On 3/5/23 23:43, Karl Berry wrote:
>      I am a long time tex user and I appreciate very much texlive:
> Thanks.
>      Can you put the .iso image for 32 bit x86 systems on the web ?
> Sorry, I'm not going to make any additional isos. But you can easily do
> it yourself: the 32-bit binaries (and all others) are available at
> (for instance)
> in the file
> The other .tar.xz files there contain everything else that goes into
> the iso, if you want the contents but not necessarily in iso format.
> Or, the original iso is available from
> so you can download and add in your desired new bin/* dir(s).
> Happy 32-bit TeXing,
> Karl

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