Possible SEGV (null pointer deref) in writet1.c

Gregory James DUCK gjduck at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 08:54:10 CEST 2023


There seems to be a possible SEGV (null pointer dereference) in
texk/web2c/pdftexdir/writet1.c.  The relevant code snippet is:

       check for `dup <index> <glyph> put'
    if (sscanf(p, "dup %i%255s put", &i, t1_buf_array) == 2 &&
        *t1_buf_array == '/' && valid_code(i)) {
        if (strcmp(t1_buf_array + 1, notdef) != 0)
            glyph_names[i] = xstrdup(t1_buf_array + 1);
        p = strstr(p, " put") + strlen(" put");
        skip(p, ' ');

The code seems to assume that if sscanf() returns 2 then the format string
was fully matched including the "put" substring.  The problem is that
sscanf() will also return 2 even if the "put" substring is missing provided
both the i and t1_buf_array are matched and assigned (see scanf manpage).
This causes strstr() to return NULL, leading to a null pointer dereference
in the next line.

Sample stack trace:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
t1_builtin_enc () at ../../../texk/web2c/pdftexdir/writet1.c:845
#0  t1_builtin_enc () at ../../../texk/web2c/pdftexdir/writet1.c:845
#1  t1_subset_ascii_part () at ../../../texk/web2c/pdftexdir/writet1.c:1320
#2  0x000055555562dc5a in writet1 (fd=0x555555838960) at
#3  write_fontfile (fd=0x555555838960) at
#4  0x000055555563126e in write_fontdescriptor (fd=0x555555838960) at
#5  0x000055555563177d in write_fontdescriptors () at
#6  0x000055555562a627 in writefontstuff () at
#7  closefilesandterminate () at
#8  0x00005555555af7e5 in mainbody () at
#9  main (ac=<optimized out>, av=<optimized out>) at

Attached is a (corrupted) PoC cmr10.pfb file that can be used to reproduce
the problem.  Replacing the system version and using pdflatex or pdftex
works for me.

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