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I write to warmly invite you to a one hour online meeting on TeX in STEM,
followed by an optional one-hour workshop. It will take place on Thursday
29 September at 6:30pm BST (UK time). Please forward this invitation to
others if you wish. Here are the most important links:

Zoom URL:
UK time now:

We are fortunate to have as main speakers Peter Williams, Dennis Müller and
Martin Ruckert. All three have projects (Tectonic, sTeX and HINT) based on
rethinking TeX for our changed times. All three have spoken on this at the
annual TeX Conference organised by the TeX Users Group. For more
information see:

The world has moved on since the 1990s (and the invention of the
world-wide-web). Print and PDF no longer dominate as they did, even in the
world of STEM publishing. Here's an example, which surprised me, of just
how good HTML can be for heavily mathematical STEM content. Quality
technical typography is no longer confined to print media (and its digital
representation PDF):

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)
Lattices in Tate modules
Bjorn Poonena and Sergey Rybakov  # HTML # PDF

In late November or early December there will be another special TeX Hour,
this time focussed on LaTeX and Accessibility. We're pleased that Jonathan
Godfrey, a blind senior lecturer in Statistics and stalwart of the Blind
Math list, will be one of our special guests. For more details see:

with kind regards


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