\input and \file_if_exist:nTF search diffrent paths in texlive-lualatex.

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Mar 21 15:20:03 CET 2022

    If I have child.tex in a
    subfolder, and then call pdflatex --output-directory on this file:




If you're reporting that the .tex extension is not automatically added
for --output-directory searches, that's intentional and will not change.
(I'm not sure if you're reporting that, or something about subdirs.)

Long ago I wrote about this in the web2c manual.
The last paragraph in this section:

    TEXMFOUTPUT is also checked for input files, as TeX often generates
    files that need to be subsequently read; for input, no suffixes
    (such as tex') are added by default and no exhaustive path searching
    is done, the input name is simply checked as given.

If/Since Christian decided to change that, that's fine for him, but I
don't think it's desirable to do anything but check the name as given in
TEXMFOUTPUT.  That search is special and we wouldn't want to find the
wrong thing. --thanks, karl.

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