TeX Live 2022 on windows 11...done :D

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Mar 21 02:17:08 CET 2022

Hi Pablo,

    It worked before, but now it downloads `BasicTeX.pkg`, `MacTeX.pkg`,
    `MacTeX.pkg`, `MacTeX.pkg` and `MacTeX.pkg`.

    I don't know well how `rsync` works but I assume it is a case sensitive.

Yes, but it should only be transferring (broken) symlinks for those
*TeX.pkg files, not any real archives, so they are of no real
consequence. I asked Dick (Koch) to create/maintain those links because
having generic names is useful.

Since it's come up, though, I guess I'll add the extra --exclude to omit
them.  Thanks for the report, and for trying the pretest. -k

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