Fonts prohibiting installable embedding

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On 2021-10-01 6:20 p.m., Norbert Preining wrote:

> Agreed. Concerning cmdline, I fear no .. lintian does something as
> follows in perl for opentype, see
> (and for a similar code)

I am confused why there needs to be both and
files. Both files check the fsType field in the OS/2 table in a SFNT [0]
"container". The code would be the same regardless if the glyphs on the
font were in quadratic Bézier curves stored in the glyf table (TrueType)
or cubic Bézier curves stored in CFF /CFF2 tables (OpenType) [1].

I realize there can be confusion with the term OpenType, as sometimes it
refers to the type of curve that the glyphs are draw in, some times it
refers to the SFNT "container" as opposed to Postscript Type 1 fonts,
and sometimes it refers to the font smarts used for shaping and
positioning (which can be done by OpenType, Graphite, or AAT).


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