Fonts prohibiting installable embedding

Karl Berry karl at
Sat Oct 2 00:37:43 CEST 2021

    Especially in the opentype category there are interesting fonts:
    * tex-gyre fonts
    * newcomputermodern
    * gust/poltawski
    * nowacki/*

Presumably the flag is the default in some tool. Clearly those font
(designer)s do not intend to restrict embedding.

    restriction. For a list of fonts in Debian (search for "texlive") 

The string "texlive" does not appear on either page? (I guess I'm going
crazy?)  I see "tex-gyre" on the otf page, but I suppose that is a
separate packaging.

    Anyway, my question is on how do we deal with this in TeX Live?
    ignore? discuss with the authors? ...?

If original fonts distributed in TL have the flag set, we should discuss
with authors. Is there a simple cmdline tool that can check a file?

In any case, I would not consider this a reason to start removing fonts
willy-nilly. I'd like to see some kind of confirmation or evidence that
the font designers actually intended to restrict embedding, not just an
obscure flag that was probably not set intentionally 99% of the time. -k

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