tlpkg UTF-8 Umlauts Problem

Norbert Preining norbert at
Wed Mar 24 15:39:58 CET 2021

Hi Hartmut,

>   Schauen Sie in die /usr/local/texlive/2021/index.html fr Links auf die Dokumentation.

What is the output of
on your system?

And what does the terminal emulator you are using expect for an

I just tried:

$ export LANG=de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro
$ locale
LANG=de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro
LC_CTYPE="de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro"
LC_NUMERIC="de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro"
LC_TIME="de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro"
LC_COLLATE="de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro"
LC_MONETARY="de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro"
LC_MESSAGES="de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro"
LC_PAPER="de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro"
LC_NAME="de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro"
LC_ADDRESS="de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro"
LC_TELEPHONE="de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro"
LC_MEASUREMENT="de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro"
LC_IDENTIFICATION="de_AT.ISO-8859-15 at euro"

and changed konsole to expect ISO-8859-15.

With that setup, the installation text showed the correct output.


My guess is that your terminal expects UTF8, but you have your local
set to something none-UTF8.

I tried the same with
	LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8	terminal expection UTF8
and it worked.

Only with
I got failures and wide char warnings.

So it looks really cryptic


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