tlpkg UTF-8 Umlauts Problem

Hartmut Henkel hartmut_henkel at
Wed Mar 24 11:21:10 CET 2021

Dear Siep,

On Wed, 24 Mar 2021, Siep Kroonenberg wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 09:56:23AM +0100, Hartmut Henkel wrote:
> > when TeX Live is installed, it shows (in german):
> >
> >   Schauen Sie in die /usr/local/texlive/2021/index.html fr Links auf die Dokumentation.
> >   Die TeX Live Website ( enthlt Updates and
> >   Korrekturen. TeX Live ist ein vereintes Projekt der TeX Nutzergruppen
> >   weltweit, werden Sie Mitglied um ihre Arbeit zu untersttzen. Die Liste
> >   der Gruppen finden Sie unter
> >
> >   Fge /usr/local/texlive/2021/texmf-dist/doc/man zu  MANPATH hinzu.
> >   Fge /usr/local/texlive/2021/texmf-dist/doc/info zu INFOPATH hinzu.
> >
> > Actually the message above shows in the gnome term (linux) all
> > latin-small u with diaeresis (UTF-8 C3 BC) as "replacement character"
> > (UTF-8 EF BF BD). (This got lost when copying into the mail.)
> >
> > With the same terminal i can read de.po without problem, and all umlauts
> > are there. Hexdump shows that in de.po they are proper 2-byte UTF-8. So
> > at which point between de.po and the Tex Live installer message on the
> > terminal these umlauts might get mangled?
> With urxvt I see the umlauts just fine. What do you get with another
> terminal? And with the gui installer?

(always fresh install, with dir. 2021/ removed before)

The "install-tl -gui" installer does not translate here, it shows all in
english (?!).

> According to gucharmap is C3 BC in the Hangul Syllables unicode block.

According to an UTF-8 table this is ü / c3 bc / LATIN SMALL LETTER U
WITH DIAERESIS. And similar install-tl problem with ä.

> Can you try a different terminal font?

I just tried non-gui install in an xterm (not gterm), which has normally
no problem showing typed umlauts, but the german output from install-tl
is mangled the same way, no umlauts. As i understand from Martin, it
doesn't not seem to be a terminal problem.

Best Regards, Hartmut

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