pretest installation failure

Torsten Schuetze torsten.schuetze at
Mon Mar 22 12:29:50 CET 2021


under Windows 10 I just downloaded TL pretest 2021 with

rsync -a -v -L --delete --exclude="mactex*" 
rsync:// .

unzipped into f:\mirror-texlive-pretest and installed with

cd install-tl-20210321

install-tl-windows.bat -repository ../tlpretest

I selected complete install into c:/TeX, everything went fine except 
that I get the warning / failure notice

pre-generating all format files, be patient...

running fmtutil-sys 
--no-error-if-no-engine=luajithbtex,luajittex,mfluajit --no-strict --all ...

running path adjustment actions

finished with path adjustment actions

running package-specific postactions

Undefined subroutine &main::debug called at 
C:/TeX/tlpkg/TeXLive/ line 40.
Compilation failed in require at 
C:/TeX/tlpkg/tlpostcode/ line 164.
F:/mirror-texlive-pretest/install-tl-20210321/install-tl: calling post 
action script tlpkg/tlpostcode/ did not succeed in 
F:/mirror-texlive-pretest/install-tl-20210321, status 255 at 
line 1793.

3 File(s) copied
1 File(s) copied
Running fc-cache -v -r
finished with package-specific postactions

F:/mirror-texlive-pretest/install-tl-20210321/install-tl: errors in 
installation reported above

Probably I myself will never need ptex2pdf, but the error message could 
by annoying to others.

Ciao and thanks for the good work


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