Problem with tabular (\toprule etc.) and dinbrief

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Mon Mar 8 23:25:45 CET 2021

The new rules in booktabs: \toprule, \midrule, \bottomrule no longer 
work properly with DINBRIEF, since reinstallation of miKteX. (I used 
this dinbrief documents with tables successfully since years)
Now the rules lead to error messages when compiling. The PDF is created 
correctly, but it is irritating.
With \hline instead of \toprule etc. it works, but I have to make the 
table with \addlinespace more attractive or the letters will stick too 
close to the lines. For that I need {booktabs}.

I've been researching this for a whole day, but I haven't found a 
solution. There seems to be no working example with Dinbrief *and 
*\toprule etc.
By the way: if I switch the \documentclass from "dinbrief" to "article", 
the error messages in the table are gone. (But then the rest of the 
letter is rubbish, of course).

So - as I have a workaround - the problem is not urgent but: does 
anybody know about that problem?



%    \toprule
%    \bottomrule

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