jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Tue Mar 2 13:45:46 CET 2021


the update-tlmgr-latest.sh.sha512 file contents (which I fetched from
http://ctan.ijs.si/mirror/tlpretest/) end with a reference
to update-tlmgr-r57970.sh

as I use this in a semi-automatic way to pipe the string
to shasum -a 512 -c an error arises

shasum: update-tlmgr-r57970.sh: 
update-tlmgr-r57970.sh: FAILED open or read
shasum: WARNING: 1 listed file could not be read

(this is on max os x)

Keeping the SHA but referring rather to downloaded file
update-tlmgr-latest.sh the shasum test then was happy

update-tlmgr-latest.sh: OK

Perhaps the files are originally symlink which at some point
get resolved to actual copy of the current -rXXXXX.sh.{sha512,sha512.asc}


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