pretest 2021 begin

Karl Berry karl at
Mon Mar 1 23:06:59 CET 2021

         Time used for installing the packages: 142:22
    The "142" looks quite wrong, actually it was 2:22

I'm not sure how this could happen.  I've never seen an extra "14" (or
whatever) myself.  Could you have paused the installation somehow,
Ulrike? Is it reproducible?

Looking at the code in (l.1586ff.) which is emitting that

  my $totaltime = time() - $starttime;
  my $totmin = int ($totaltime/60);
  my $totsec = $totaltime % 60;
  info(sprintf("Time used for installing the packages: %02d:%02d\n",
       $totmin, $totsec));

I just can't see how that could result in adding 140 minutes to the
actual time used? Norbert, anyone, any ideas? --thanks, karl.

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