circular dependency when building LaTeX?

Thiago Jung Bauermann bauermann at
Wed Jun 23 23:40:24 CEST 2021

Hi Jonathan,

Em quarta-feira, 23 de junho de 2021, às 10:51:02 -03, Jonathan Fine 
> Phelype Oleinik wrote:
> > Usually |.ins| files should be run with plain TeX, so |tex| or
> > |pdftex|.
> > In fact, LaTeX has its own |format.ins|, which would be a LaTeX->LaTeX
> > circular dependency, so you need plain for that.
> The original poster wrote
> > I’m trying to update the TeX Live version in Guix¹ to 2021.
> This sounds like there was something that worked for the 2020 TeX Live
> sources, but doesn't work for the 2021 TeX Live sources.

Yes, this worked with TeX Live 2020 that is currently packaged in Guix.

> Does anyone know, is there a publicly viewable automated build from the
> 2021 TeX Live sources? I have in mind  for example continuous integration
> or github actions.
> I think this PROVE that 2021 didn't introduce a circular dependency, and
> also demonstrate how the original poster could avoid the problem they
> reported.

Good idea. I’ll first try Phelype’s suggestion and if that doesn’t work it 
will be useful to have CI build logs as a reference of what works.

> I hope this helps.

It does, thank you.


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