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Herbert Schulz herbs at
Wed Jul 7 15:04:06 CEST 2021

> On Jul 7, 2021, at 7:21 AM, Jonathan Fine <jfine2358 at> wrote:
> Norbert wrote:
> What do we gain with github issues that we cannot do via the mailing list?
> With the mailing list we can get orphan messages. Here's an example, from Herb Schulz.
> By an orphan message I mean a message related to an issue, which is not in the same email thread as the issue.
> That said, I'm not sure that Herb's message is an orphan. I can't find the message he's quoting on the tex-live or the mac-tex lists.
> Perhaps Herb is quoting in some off-list email correspondence. Either way, I believe that with github issues we get better linkage between issues and messages (or comments as they are called in an issue).
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> Jonathan


That was my fault. I keep forgetting to Reply All and then submit a separate email to the tex-live list. The original was on that list.

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