To Windows users who have non-ascii UserName

Don Hosek don.hosek at
Thu Apr 29 05:55:21 CEST 2021

On 28 Apr 2021, at 22:44, Akira Kakuto <kakuto at> wrote:
>> And redefine the value of the environment variable USERPROFILE
>> as the c:\Users\SuitableASCIIname, which is a sumbolic link of
>> c:\Users\username.
> The above is done in a cmd window by
> set USERPROFILE=c:\Users\SuitableASCIIname
> I don't know how to change USERPROFILE permanently.

This answer does a pretty good job of covering the bases on this topic: <> for Windows Vista and later you can write:

setx USERPROFILE "c:\Users\SuitableASCIIname"

note the x in the command and the lack of an = sign. Also, the quotes are mandatory if the value has spaces.

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