TeX Hour tomorrow: Q + A: Nelson Beebe: CTAN and TeX Live

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Nelson Beebe, one of the elders of the TeX community, has kindly agreed to
answer questions on CTAN and TeX Live at tomorrow's TeX Hour. This session
will be recorded. The meeting is Thursday 22 April, 6:30 to 7:30pm UK
time. The time now in the UK is at https://www.google.com/search?q=uk+time.
The zoom link for the meeting is

Nelson's involvement with TeX goes back to the 1970s. He's a past president
of TUG (1990-91) and maintainer of the Utah CTAN node. He tests and
compiles TeX Live for many platforms. If you have a question for Nelson and
can't attend please reply to this message (on list or just to me as you

The Comprehensive TeX Archive CTAN was established in 1992, just a year
after the preprint arXiv. In 1993 the Netherlands TeX Group NTG started
work on their CD-ROM Tex distribution for MS-DOS. In 1996 the TeX Live
distribution of TeX was established. CTAN and TeX Live have been central to
the success of TeX over the past 25 years. The 2021 release of TeX Live was
earlier this month.

Some humble words of thanks. George Greenwade (deceased 2003) and Sebastian
Rahtz (deceased 2016) saw something that needed to be done, and contributed
much time and energy to doing it. We are grateful to them and many others,
both alive and no longer living.

The TeX Hour videos for last week (18 April 2021) are

Horizontal and vertical desktops: https://y2u.be/XiWS4hrxDDU
Old-timers talk about DEC VMS and Alpha: https://y2u.be/CK1ISbOlkPg
DEC, Brian Reid, Leslie Lamport, Scribe and LaTeX:
Because extensible, early LaTeX did well: https://y2u.be/S5dbz3O4qbU
Journal production today adds errors - why?: https://y2u.be/f5ez39q1LyM
The Open University astrophysics books: https://y2u.be/5WDWbL74nNo
Shared community awareness of forces: https://y2u.be/3Un93w09uS0

The TeX Hour has a monthly cycle for its topics.

First Thursday: Beginners
Second Thursday: Accessibility
Third Thursday: Conversion (eg LaTeX to PDF, LaTeX to HTML, markdown to
Fourth Thursday: Durable Documents (same outputs give same input across
space and time)
Fifth Thursday: Experiments and Exploration.

You'll find all 56 of the TeX Hour videos at

with best regards

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