Inquiry about installing texlive 2021

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at
Sun Apr 18 15:27:22 CEST 2021

Fairouz Bellouz reports:

>> I encountered a problem installing texlive 2021 which is that it stopped
>> downloading in the middle, how do I solve this problem?

Do you mean that the texcol2020.iso image stopped downloading, or that
when you mounted the image and ran the install-tl script that it
stopped installing packages?

If the former, try using wget, which can resume downloads: here is an
example with the Utah mirror:


The site

gives further instructions on how to verify that the image at your end
is correct (two checksums) and authentic (digital signature

If the latter, it could be that your disk is nearly full at the target
location, or that /tmp is too small (I hit that problem today on a VM
whose .qcow2 file was supplied by someone else and configured with
too-small constraints on partition sizes).  I have a reinstallation
running with

	env TMPDIR=/path/to/bigger/directory /path/to/install-tl

I don't know yet whether setting TMPDIR will resolve the problem; it
is a common convention in the UNIX world.  If that fails, I will mount
a bigger directory on top of the small /tmp, and try yet another time.

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