documentation of `install-tl` option `-print-arch`

Ioannis Filippidis jfilippidis at
Sun Apr 11 02:47:06 CEST 2021


I would like to note what I think could be
an improvement to the documentation of the
TeX Live installer. I am using macOS 10.12.6.

When reading the text output of `install-tl -h`
for TeX Live 2021, it contains the description
(I added two additional newlines here):

        Print the TeX Live identifier for the
        detected platform (hardware/operating system)
        combination to standard output, and exit.
        "-print-arch" is a synonym.

Running `install-tl -print-arch` attempts to
open a GUI, whereas `install-tl -print-platform`
prints the platform identifier and exits,
without opening a GUI.
Running `install-tl -print-arch -no-gui` has
the same effect as `install-tl -print-platform`,
i.e., it does not attempt to open a GUI.

This difference between the options
`-print-platform` and `-print-arch` could be
noted in the script's help text, i.e., that
the synonym to `-print-platform` is
`-print-arch -no-gui` (at least on macOS).

Best regards,

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